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How to Create a Painting

This painting is acrylic on canvas, using four layers of paint. I made the background- the yellow areas- by applying yellow ochre paint with a palette knife. I then added a layer of rubber cement. When dry, I added red and green over the cement. When the rubber cement was removed, the yellow areas of the painting were revealed, underneath. The cement has a nice swing to it, as in the shape made in the upper right quadrant. I added the black lines after the yellow, red, and green layers.

The cats, below: I started with blue, red, & yellow applied all over the canvas, with a 1” wide brush. Then I painted around the figures with off-white paint, covering everything except the shapes of the cats and the mouse, leaving the original blue, red and yellow that I had applied as an initial layer.

I seek to make my paintings captivating in some way. The more unusual my technique, the more likely that I can have fun with it, never forgetting good color and interesting composition in the process.



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