About Membership 

If interested in joining ARTsisters, please email us at ARTsistersphila@gmail.com.  

Once openings are available, interested applicants will be sent a membership packet that includes an application, guidelines and expectations of membership, a description of the group and how we function.

Criteria for Membership:

  • Quality of body of work

  • Working artist – commitment to producing new artwork

  • Participation in at least three art exhibitions (including at least one juried art exhibition) in the last two years

  • Internet presence (website preferred), computer savvy

  • Responsive to communication by email in a timely fashion

  • Commitment to community outreach

  • Group commitment – active involvement with committees and attending monthly meetings

Membership Application:







1. Why do you want to join ARTsisters?​


2. What skills can you contribute to the group?  Which committee (exhibition venues, public relations/communications, website, programming, social media) would you like to serve on?

3. What are your art goals and where would you like to see yourself in five years?

4. In what shows have you exhibited in the last two years?  Which ones were juried?

Email resume, bio and Artist Statement along with this completed application to ARTsistersphila@gmail.com.

After preliminary review by the membership committee, eligible artists will be invited to meet with the committee for an interview and to present 3 pieces of original work. The committee will use a point system to assess each applicant. The membership committee chairperson will then contact the applicants after all interviews are completed.

Please note:  For accepted artists, there is a 6-month trial period. Membership dues will be returned during this trial period if a new member artist does not feel that she can continue as a member of ARTsisters. Membership dues for new members are $100; continuing artists will pay dues of $75 per year. Dues are to be paid by September 30th.

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