Oil on wood with rusted metal, aluminum and exposed hardware
58x24” (x6”d)
Bits n Pieces
Oil on wood
32x26” (x3”d) $2100
Blowin Smoke
Oil on wood
26x20” (x3”d) $1800
Oil on wood
32x26” (x4”d) $2100
Kinda Blue
Oil on wood with etched and rolled aluminum
35x20” (x5”d) $2400
Rhythmic Rollout
Oil on wood, rust, metal, plexi and silver leaf
20x56” (x3.5”d)
Something Old Something New…..
Oil on wood with aluminum and copper plate
22x52” (x3.5”d) $3500
Tools of the Trade
Oil on wood with metals and exposed hardware
Sizes vary $4000
Up n Up
Oil and metallic pigment on Wood
58x10” (x3.5”d)
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Kathleen Spicer 

Mixed Media Artist, Painter 

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