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ARTsisters is an organization of visual artists who work in a variety of media and styles. They are united through their common goals:

  • Commitment to making art 

  • Dedication to inspiring each other and sharing knowledge

  • Showing new work 

  • Dedication to community


​ARTsisters members are professional artists in the Philadelphia area who meet regularly to discuss art and creative processes. They collaborate on upcoming shows, and work with nonprofit organizations to give back to their community.

Join Us for the upcoming ARTsisters Exhibitions

The Art of Nature, the Nature of Art

Embark on a journey where the influence of nature on art comes to life. Each artwork in the collection, crafted by the collective of talented women artists known as ARTsisters, explores the special connection between the two realms. These pieces showcase beautiful landscapes and intriguing abstract designs, reflecting diverse interpretations using a rich spectrum of mediums and styles.

Explore the exhibit located behind the Discovery Gallery.

The exhibition runs until Friday, September 20th, 2024.

Delaware Museum of Nature and Science

4840 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE, 19807

Museum hours:  Daily from 10 am - 4 pm


ARTsisters 2023 Members Video

Created by John Thornton and Narrated by Sally Eisenberg, ARTsisters member

The ARTSisters have countless stories to share. Watch the video now to begin the journey.

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